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Since 2010, we’ve been offering Panama Relocation Tours and our monthly Q & A Conference calls.  In August we completed our 108th Panama Relocation Tour!  The September 2019 Q & A Conference Call was scheduled to be about one hour but there were so many people who had waited and waited to ask their question the call extended to two full hours to give me time to answer every single question.   There was no way I was going to end the call at one hour with so many people still waiting in line to ask their question.

It’s a big decision to relocate to Panama and we know it helps to get answers to at least some of your questions before you sign up for a Panama Relocation Tour to explore Panama in person and learn even more.

These are some of the comments we received after the call:

~ OMG! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie! You, my dear, have the patience of Jobe! I was on the entire two hour conference call tonight. I found it quite informative, but I was extremely impressed with how well you handled the callers. It amazes me the difficulty some callers have in formulating a simple question, but, you never wavered! You are amazing! Although I have never met you, I have the utmost confidence in you and your organization. I spoke with Melissa by phone this week and she too, was perfection. I can not wait for my tour November 29th! I have also lured two other people to join me.  I look forward to meeting you all!!

~ Just want to thank you, Jackie, for all the time you spent last night answering so many questions. We totally appreciate your dedication to helping people relocate to Panama and all of your patience as you spent 2 hours answering every single question people had instead of the usual 1 hour. It was a wealth of information we soaked up like sponges & so many things we wondered about were discussed.

~ We truly appreciate your time & all of the extremely helpful info you shared! The anxiety I was feeling before has greatly dissipated. I’m truly feeling relocating will not be as difficult as I had first envisioned!

~ Thanks for extending your call time last night to take all the calls you had in queue, its apparent you go above and beyond to help others with through this learning process.

~ Thank you so much for generously spending so much time answering questions, tonight. I learned so much. I look forward to booking a future tour.

~ Jackie: Thank you for holding LIVE Q & A Conference Call! We appreciate all the information you shared.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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