The Panama Report: The Journey Starts with You!

My friend Bob Adams publishes a report about Panama several times a year. Yesterday, he released a Panama Report to talk about where Panama has been, where Panama is now, and where Panama is headed.

The numbers are all impressive for such a tiny country. There is a lot of opportunity for Panama and you! With permission, I’m sharing his report below:

READ THE REPORT HERE ( I think you’ll be impressed with Panama)

There are more than 100 multinational companies in Panama. And they are hiring! I was surprised to read in the report that the #1 residency visa being granted is the Employee of Multinational Company Visa.

The report also reveals which country most people are moving from. Surprise… it’s NOT North America.

When searching for a place to relocate to, it’s important also to research the stability of the economy and government. Panama has an optimistic future.

While other countries are struggling to catch up with North American standards at the speed they are converging, Panama is a notable exception which you’ll see in a chart in Bob’s Panama Report.

About Bob Adams

Panama Wave’s Founder and CEO is Bob Adams. Bob is a permanent resident of Panama and has promoted Panama through websites and publications globally. He has written on Panama’s potential and other topics in articles for Barron’s, the weekly Dow Jones publication, where he has been published on six occasions – a guest editorial and five articles on subjects as diverse as what he calls the “retirement bubble” and the relocation of Americans to nations all over the world. Mr. Adams is a member of the McKinsey Global Executive Panel and the Singularity Group’s global community. Bob received his BA in government from the University of Arizona shortly after the extinction of the dinosaur, and a Master of Professional Studies in International Development (MPS/ID) from Cornell University. The former CEO of an American corporation, a former US Peace Corps Volunteer, and a long-time economic analyst for international aid agencies, corporations, and private humanitarian agencies in more than 40 nations globally, Bob brings decades of field experience along with his skills in global analysis to his work at Panama Wave.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Vince Bailey says

    I am semi-retired and living with my fiancee in Phoenix. We have been following your writings for some time and are interested in locating around the David and Boquete area. To that end, we are contemplating one of your private tours that targets those areas. Problem: the passport process is currently taking several months (we can’t even submit our application docs until late April). I am hearing that the process can be expedited is our travel plans are 2 weeks or less to departure. Not sure what proof we would need to show–an itinerary? Can you shed some light on this or any other shortcuts around the process?

    • Dustin Lange says

      You can pay an extra $60 for expedited service. The current processing time for that is 7-9 weeks. They do have an in-person, appointment-only urgent travel service, which is what you are referring to. The nearest office to Phoenix is in Tucson. I believe you must show proof that you have a flight booked. Be aware that you are not guaranteed an appointment or a passport even if you have urgent travel. There is a post on Reddit with some tips for navigating the urgent travel process. My recommendation is to wait until you have your passport in your possession before booking a trip. Otherwise, you risk it not arriving in time.

  2. Bryan says

    Hello I’m in cyprus I wish to relocate to Panama

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