Where Will You Live in Panama?

During a Panama Relocation Tours we go to a variety of beach and mountain communities that have a variety of different price points. We do this so you can see the huge variety of what’s available in Panama. Some areas are more expensive than others. Some areas are more “high end” than others. Some areas are much more affordable. Some areas are definitely rough around the edges.

Too often, people read about a certain town in Panama then decide that is exactly where they want to live… without even visiting first or looking at other areas in Panama. That’s a huge mistake! Sadly, when someone actually sees the area they have read about, they are sorely disappointed because the article they read was so sugar-coated.

We know from many years of experience doing Panama Relocation Tours that 50% of the people who think they want to live in a beach community change their mind after spending a day or two in the heat and humidity. And 50% of those who think they want to live in the mountains change their mind thinking the weather is too cool for them. That’s why it is so important to visit a variety of different areas before you decide where you want to live.

Luckily, there are plenty of towns that are half way between the beach and the mountains. So there is always a good compromise between the beach and the mountains.

The temperature at sea level is 90 degrees +/- 5. Without an ocean breeze it can feel like 100!

For every 1000 feet above sea level, the temperature drops 4 degrees. You can do the math to determine your ideal temperature. If you think 80-82 is your ideal temperature you will enjoy living at 2000 feet above sea level. If you like it a bit cooler, at 75-78, then you will want to search our communities in the 3000 – 3500 foot elevation. Pick the wrong elevation and it will be too hot or too cold for you.

Just last week, during a Panama Relocation Tour, a lady had always thought she would like to live at the beach but she changed her mind after several days of visiting beach communities during the tour. When we got to Boquete and Volcan, she thought it was a bit too cool. Then we visited previous tour clients at their home in Dolega (about half way between David and Boquete) and she thought that temperature was just right plus she loved the town too.

All these reasons are why I highly recommend that you RENT for at least 12 months before you even think about buying real estate in Panama. During every Panama Relocation Tours, we will show you rentals in each area we visit (we do NOT sell real estate).

To give you a preview of what Panama rentals look like and cost, check out the RENTALS PAGE on the Panama Relocation Tours website.

An all-inclusive 6-day 7-night Panama Relocation Tours is the best way to see a variety of different areas in Panama AND learn all the things you need to know to relocate to Panama in the most affordable and stress-free way.

Since 2010, we have been offering Panama Relocation ToursSEE DETAILS HERE

Be warned that our Tours sell out months in advance so it is a good idea to sign up early. We only require a $500 deposit to reserve your spot. You can reserve your tour by clicking on the BOOK A TOUR button above.

Another way to check out Panama, is a Private Tour of only the areas you are most interested in. A Private Tour will only have your family and the tour guide. Prices start at as little as $200/day for up to two people in your group.

Join us for a Panama Relocation Tour or a Private Tour– we will show you how you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama!

To Life in Paradise,
Jackie Lange

P.S. We’re your Panama Relocation EXPERT! We have hundreds of 5-star reviews like these:


The tour is not meant to sell you on Panama, but to give you the information needed to make an informed decision and IT IS WORTH IT! The moment we signed-up we recieved a step-by-step “what to-do and when” email. The email saved us from making a couple of major mistakes. It contained things we never would have thought of, such as double-checking our passports met Panama’s entry requirements, which mine did not at the time, and to schedule our departure flight after 2:00 pm if leaving the day the tour was over.

As far as the tour, it was amazing. Our guides covered specific topics each day, including things I didn’t even know existed or an option. They made the time between pit stops beyond educational. The pace was relaxed, and organized (as best as a “tranquilo” country allows 😁)

There’s only one word to describe our tour hosts, Ellen and her sidekick-husband, Steve, AMAZING! They were so informative, personal, patient, funny and always just a call or text away during “non-tour” hours. The tour exceeded all expectations by a mile.

Rachael Siemonsma
May 2021 Panama Relocation Tour


My husband and I both came on Jackie’s Relocation tour in March and I must say it met all our expectations and more. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to best places to live in Panama, immigration rules, the culture, the people, the laws and rules of the land and so much more. Jackie is quite patient with everyone in terms of the various questions that are posed to her during the tour. Everyday she chooses a topic and discusses it to the fullest. We were even given a book with all the necessary vital information should we choose to relocate.

Jackie shared many of her personal stories, some dos and donts, tried and true experiences, and basically equipped us with the knowledge to face the relocation challenge.

We are well pleased with this tour and would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about moving to Panama. Moving to a different country has its challenges. Don’t move blindly. Take the tour and in the end you will have a lot more peace of mind as you will be making informed decisions.

Bob and Bess Singh
Calgary, Alberta
March 16-21, 2019 Tour


KUDOS to Jackie and the entire Panama Relocations Tour family! My friend and I attended the February 2-7 tour and the decision was made while we were there that Panama would be the perfect place for “Life, chapter 2”! As a matter of fact, she will be there in May to begin her process and I will be there in June, to start mine.Like many others, I had read all the posts, watched all the videos, received the emails from PRT about upcoming tours and life in Panama….but still with all that, there were many questions; and when I tell you that EVERY single question was addressed and answered either by Jackie, her team or their location guide you receive on day one. We received more solid information during this tour than we could’ve found by researching for years on our own.

Jackie was just getting over a slight illness when our tour began, but believe me, you would’ve never known it if she hadn’t told us, this lady never missed a beat! It seemed she knew the answers to the questions, before they were even asked! She is very open, honest and most importantly “down to earth”. The first contact was made through Melissa, she was very responsive, professional and thorough, we arrived several days early, and she made sure that we received the hotel discounts and that everything was in order for the beginning of our tour.

From Melissa, to Jorge to Jackie and all the people that we met along the way….and there were a lot of them, EVERYBODY knows and respects Jackie and the PRTteam!!! It was a good feeling knowing that we were in good hands. The transportation was very nice and clean, the hotels we stayed in were top notch and gave us a feel for some of the different areas and what to expect in each of them. Being able to view all the different living options was a “biggie” for me, seeing first hand, condo’s and homes for sale or rent was amazing.

I could go on and on…..but I won’t, I’ll just say if you want to experience Panama, and have a slight inkling that you may want to move or retire there, you will not be disappointed by taking this tour! You will have all of your questions or concerns addressed. Jackie is a walking GOOGLE…..she will give it to you straight, and even afterwards, she will assist you in any way she can.
Carla R.
February 2019 Tour

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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