Who Can You Trust About Relocating To or Retiring In Panama?

panama sunset hammock A few days ago I was on an expat forum to answer questions about relocating to Panama. One person expressed an interest in a certain town in Panama. Then several people told her what a terrible place it is. So, she said she decided not to even go visit that area. That’s a big mistake. The 200 expats who live in that town in Panama absolutely love living there. Just because one or two people don’t like it, does not mean that you won’t like living there.

You need to see a variety of areas in Panama to decide what’s right for you. Of course, we think a Panama Relocation Tours is the best way to see a variety of different areas in Panama and learn about the pros and cons of each area.

You cannot trust information on expat forums, yahoo groups or facebook groups. You’ll get a lot of conflicting information. Some of it is accurate but some of it is definitely false. Just yesterday someone on facebook was talking about a Panama Visa you can get that only cost $100. It is simply not true.

You can’t trust information in books about living in Panama that were written 5 or 10 years ago. That information is very dated. Panama is changing so fast.

You can’t trust websites about living in Panama because some of the people who run those sites don’t even live in Panama! But they will fly to Panama to sell you a lot if you are interested.

Last week, I was listening to a conference call that a new tour company did. He gave out false information five times during the call. It’s scary to think that anyone would rely on his information.

Sadly, you can’t trust websites about residential developments in Panama either. Some of those websites show artists renditions of what they neighborhood “could” look like but it is absolutely not what it really looks like today. You need come check it out yourself. What you see today is what you are buying. That marina or club house that the developer promises may or may not become a reality. Never buy, or rent, anything in Panama without seeing it first!

Your well-meaning friends and family will probably tell you that you are crazy for even considering relocating to Panama.¬† But it’s YOUR life so only you can decide if relocating to Panama is right for you.

It’s not just Panama. This information applies to every country!

So, who can you trust about moving to Panama?

panama is a safe haven Panama Relocation Tours did our first relocation tour in 2010. So, now in 2019, we have ten years of experience educating people about relocating to and living in Panama. We exclusively do relocation tours every month and sometimes twice a month.

Every day during the tour, we’re joined by a 49 year old Panamanian who was born in Panama and who has lived in Panama his whole life. He’s been working with Panama Relocation Tours for 8 years. He will will share his tips about what you need to do to be well respected by Panamanians and what you should not do too.

So, combined we have 59 years of experience living and working in Panama!

The May 31st 2019 tour was our 102nd Panama Relocation Tour.

We’ve had thousands of relocation tour clients from all over the world. About 60% relocate to Panama and we hold their hand throughout the entire process of relocating to Panama after the tour.

See testimonials from previous tour clients on our WEBSITE and on FACEBOOK  and on YOUTUBE!

In the 10 years that we’ve been doing Panama Relocation Tours, we’ve been asked every question there is about relocating to and living in Panama. We know all the answers to your questions! And if a question should come up that we don’t know the answer to, we know exactly who to call (or whatsapp) for the answer. We have friends and contacts throughout Panama.

We get weekly updates from Panamanian lawyers and other experts so I can pass the information on Panama Relocation Tour clients.

No one has more experience about relocating to and living in Panama than Panama Relocation Tours!

Retire in Panama And finally… TRUST YOU!

You need to come see Panama for yourself. Only YOU can decide if relocating to Panama is right for you. Only YOU can decide which area of Panama is right for you.

Join us for a Panama Relocation Tours to see Panama and get information you can trust.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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