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Celebrating Our FIFTH Year of Relocation Tours!

Our 6 day 5 night ALL-INCLUSIVE Panama Relocation Tour ™ will introduce you to the inexpensive and wonderful lifestyle available to you in Panama. You’ll pay one flat fee for the Tour which will include all ground transportation, lodging, and meals during the Official Tour PLUS your flight back to Panama City after the tour!

Learn what life would be like living in Panama

This is NOT a real estate buying tour. There is no agenda to “sell” you anything. My only goal is to introduce you to the Panamanian way of life and give you all the information you need to make a smooth relocation to Panama. You will get information about homes for sale and rentals just so you can see what’s available at various prices.  But I’m not trying to sell you anything.  In fact, if you do decide to move to Panama, I strongly advise that you DO NOT BUY, it’s better to rent for awhile before you make a buying decision.

We’ll visit local shops and markets to discover the BETTER and AFFORDABLE way to live.  Imagine dinner for two for less than $8 including drinks!

You’ll discover why so many
people are moving to Panama!

The tour will take you from large metropolitan areas to resort beach areas that have every amenity and luxury you’d every need, and funky beach areas with a laid back atmosphere.  You’ll  also visit popular highland towns where thousands of expats live, and rural areas teeming with opportunity.
Panama City

You will see for yourself how the Panama health care system works, how you can get health insurance for as little as $60 per month, and where prescription medication can cost far less than the US and can be bought without a prescription.  Bring a list of medications you currently take to see what they will cost in Panama.  International health insurance  is also available which will cover you in Panama and your home country.  You’ll be shocked at how affordable health insurance is in Panama. ( I pay $2000 a YEAR for international health insurance)

Everyone who has been on our tours says the highlight of the tour is the opportunity to visit with expats.  You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and get answers from people who have already made the move to Panama.  See the photo below… this was a visit to Richard Detrich’s (author of “Escape to Paradise) home and coffee farm in Palmira.

Visit with Expats

Visit with Expats in Their Homes

You will meet with a reputable Panamanian attorney so you can learn about the various Visa options including the Pensionado visa which entitles you to big discounts. Plus you’ll learn about other visa programs if you’re not retired.  Our attorney will answer your questions about buying real estate or setting up a business, too.  It’s all a lot easier than you think!

There’s More…

You’ll learn how to move your existing business offshore and how you can reduce your taxes by about $99,000 per year, per person.

I’ll help you get an offshore bank account set up in about an hour – it’s much easier than you think.

Before we moved to Panama, I spent hundreds of hours researching how we would get things “done” when we moved here.  To make your life easier and save you hundreds of hours of research, everyone on the tour gets my ROLODEX which includes:

  • Health insurance companies
  • Private hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, and specialists
  • How to get BIG discounts on many purchases in Panama
  • CPA’s with expat & Panamanian experience
  • Meet with Attorney to learn about visa options and business structures
  • Shipping and moving companies (Tips for saving money, too)
  • Pet relocation company (my step-by-step guide for a smooth transition)
  • Trustworthy real estate agents and property managers (they are hard to find)
  • How to get online orders (Amazon) and mail delivered
  • The best way to take title to a property if you decide to buy
  • How to send and receive faxes without using a fax machine
  • We will help you set up an Offshore Bank Account!
  • How to get phone calls to/from your country in Panama… for free
  • How to bring a gun in to Panama and get a permit (or buy one here)
  • Learn How to Fund Your Life Overseas… Little Ways to Make Big Money
  • Step-by-step CHECKLIST of things to do BEFORE you move to Panama
  • Best place to buy or rent a car, and MUCH more.
Panama Mola
Hand-stitched Mola crafted by the Kuna or “Guna” indigenous tribe.

NO ONE else is doing a tour like this in Panama!

You’ll be able to learn in 6 days if Panama is right for you and how you can improve your lifestyle with less expense and less stress!  We visit a variety of different areas so you can decide which area is best for you.

You’ll fly in to Panama City to the Tocumen International Airport.   My driver will meet you at the airport.  We will make arrangements for you to stay at a beautiful hotel in the exclusive El Cangrejo area, with many restaurants and casinos within walking distance.

Speaking of walking distance, if you can’t walk 2-3 blocks on unlevel surfaces, go up and down stairs easily, and sit in a bus 2 hours, this tour and Panama are NOT for you.  Sorry, but we have no way to make special arrangements it you are not able to get around easily on your own.  Panama’s sidewalks are not level so you need to be very careful everywhere you walk.

Once you sign up for the tour, you will receive our Welcome Package which contains lots of tips and tricks to make your trip to Panama easier.  You’ll also learn what luggage you should and should NOT bring and how to save money if you use your cell phone.

You will see that taxis and buses are readily available, convenient, low cost, and versatile. You can compare these scenic, fresh air, and friendly rides to your present mode of commuting.   A car and all associated expenses may not necessary in Panama depending on where you live.

During the tour you will learn what life is like living in Panama and some of the best kept secrets we’ve discovered since moving here.  Sign up early because our tours sell out several months in advance.

After the tour, you will be invited to our private forum where you will get updates about Panama, information about great deals on rentals, and much more.  Plus, after the tour we will continue to be readily available to answer your questions about relocating to Panama.

An Amazing Adventure Is Waiting For You!
Leave All Your Worries Behind…
Let Us Take Care Of Everything For You!


2015 6-Day Tour Prices: USD$2100 per person or $4000 for a couple staying in the same room.   SEE DETAILS HERE

2015 Tour Dates, Schedule and Pricing CLICK HERE

2016 6-Day Tour prices Due to an increase in hotel and airfare pricing, the 2016 tours will cost $2200 per person or $4100 for two people staying in the same room. After the tour, your transportation to the airport PLUS airfare from David or Bocas del Toro to Panama City is included .

CLICK HERE to see 2016 Tour Dates and Schedule

Ask about family discounts for more than 2 staying in the same room

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2015 Panama Relocation Tour Dates
September 19th-24th ONLY 4 seats available
NEW!! October 31 -November 5th (12 10 8 seats available)
December 12th-17th (14 12 ONLY 6 seats available)



2015 Panama Relocation Tours itinerary  …. SEE DETAILS HERE



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Includes: Lodging during Official Tour nights.  Tour as outlined on the itinerary, all ground transportation, 3 meals a day (1 entree), local driver fluent in English and Spanish plus your Expat Tour Guide(s) Plus your COPA Airlines flight from David to Panama City or an $80 per person credit if you prefer to take a different airline after the tour or if you are flying out of a different airport.

*Not Included: International airfare, alcoholic beverages, excess baggage charges, hotel room upgrades, extras in hotels (laundry, telephone calls, room service).  If you decide to change your flights, you will be responsible for the change fees and you will need to get with a travel agent or the airline to make the changes.  Sorry, but we will be busy with the other tour guests and will not have time to help you with this during the tour.

Suggestions:  Plan to stay an extra week so you can do some exploring on your own.  Almost everyone who has attended a tour has extended their stay.  If you plan in advance to stay an extra 3-7 days you won’t need to change your flight.

Refunds: Refunds will only be issued if you cancel 30 days prior to the tour.  Just like cruise ships, we have limited spots and will not be able to issue a refund.  All hotel rooms and most meals are booked and paid for prior to the tour.  We can’t get a refund if there is a cancellation, so we will not be able to give you one.  Pick your dates wisely.

Baggage Restrictions: You will be STRICTLY limited to one carry on bag and one small personal bag per person .  This will also make it much faster and easier for you to get through immigration and customs coming in to Panama and back to your home country.  There will be laundry facilities at many of the places we will be staying and the hotel in Boquete will do your laundry for you for a small fee.  YOU will be responsible for getting your luggage on and off the bus and carrying it in to hotels.  Pack light!