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Panama's Economy Update November 2020
December 7, 2020
Panama Economy Update November 2020
When Panama first shut down the country because of the pandemic in March, many businesses were closed and there was a very strict lockdown for several months with limited...
panama digital affidavit form
December 2, 2020
Required to Visit Panama: Panama Digital Affidavit Form
When Panama re-opened its borders to visitors on October 12th, Safety Guidelines for Your Next Trip to Panama was published on Panama’s official tourism website. This is required reading...
Q and A about living in Panama
November 15, 2020
REPLAY: Q and A Conference Call November 2020
November 14th Panama Relocation Tours hosted a Question and Answer conference call.  We had more than 400 people on the call and many questions.  The call lasted 1 hour...
panama covid update november
November 12, 2020
Panama Covid Update November 2020
Compared to other Latin American countries, Panama has done an amazing job of fighting Covid-19.  They are doing more testing per capita than any other country in Central or...
two best ways to explore panama
November 9, 2020
Two Best Ways to Explore Panama
When each state finally confirms the US election results, some people will be ready to leave the United States because their candidate did not win.   Most people leave politics...
how to find a rental in panama
November 5, 2020
Finding a Rental in Panama
The process of finding a rental in Panama is different than what you are familiar with.  There is not one website like Zillow where you can see a lot...
home schooling in panama
November 3, 2020
Homeschooling in Panama
Many more families with children are relocating to Panama.  One of their biggest concerns is getting a good education for their children.  Public schools are only taught in Spanish. ...
top 10 reasons people leave panama
October 26, 2020
Top 10 Reasons People Leave Panama
I love living in Panama.  But, it’s not right for everyone.  Some people move to Panama then realize it’s not right for them, so they move away.  It’s not...
simplify panama conference call
October 15, 2020
REPLAY Learn How to Simplify Your Life in Panama
When you first move to Panama, it will take awhile to learn where to go shopping for the things you really want or need.  Sometimes people get frustrated because...