EXPERIENCE is Why Panama Relocation Tours Is the Best

We did the first Panama Relocation Tour in March of 2010 with eight tour clients. Almost fifteen years later, we’ve completed more than 230 all-inclusive group relocation tours and hundreds of private tours. We have the experience of teaching thousands of people about relocating to and living in Panama the hassle-free way.

We have the experience you can trust! We exclusively do relocation tours.

Every day during a Panama Relocation Tour, you will have at least two ex-pat tour guides, plus we’re joined by a Panamanian who was born in Panama and has lived in Panama his whole life.  He’s been working with Panama Relocation Tours for 13 years.  He will share his tips about living in Panama, what you need to do to be well-respected by Panamanians, and what you should not do. 

The February 2024 tour is our 235th Panama Relocation Tour.

Thousands of people from all over the world have come on a Panama Relocation Tour. About 65% relocated to Panama, and we held their hand throughout the entire process of relocating to Panama after the tour. They all get access to our private support group, where we offer advice before, during, and after their move to Panama to ensure a hassle-free relocation.

During the tour, everyone is given an optional name tag to wear, so it’s easier for guests to remember the names of other tour guests. Many become life-long friends during the tour and best friends when they move to Panama.

We get weekly updates from Panamanian lawyers and other experts so I can pass the information on to Panama Relocation Tour clients.

In the 15 years we’ve been doing Panama Relocation Tours, we’ve gained much knowledge by living and working in Panama (see the list below).  And we’ve been asked every question about relocating to and living in Panama.  We know all the answers to your questions! 

No one has more experience with helping people relocate to Panama
as Panama Relocation Tours!

During a Panama Relocation Tour, you will get our first-hand experience about:

* I bought 4 cars and a big bus in Panama & and got insurance
* Rented a house in Panama (and you should too) you’ll learn what to watch out for when renting
* Got a Pensionado Visa, then renounced the Pensionado Visa
* Got a Friendly Nations Visa and a work permit
* In 2012, I bought my first house in Panama
* I bought land and had a greenhouse built so I could grow food all year
* I have bought, remodeled, and sold several houses in Panama
* Bought rental properties in Panama
* Dentist and doctor appointments
* Experience with being a long-distance landlord
* Experience with expat taxes and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
* Learned why it is usually better not to take title to a property in your own name
* I’ve lived in 5 countries and visited 26 countries!
* Got electric, water, internet, cable tv, and trash collection set up
* Bought houses without using bank financing or very much cash & teach you how too
* I’ve opened bank accounts in Panama
* Got a Will in Panama
* Learn why you need a beneficiary letter, too
* Got bribed by a cop in Panama & paid it.. you’ll learn why you might do this too!
* Bought furniture and had furniture custom-made in Panama
* Set up several businesses in Panama
* Paying taxes in Panama
* Got a traffic ticket for making a U-turn (I did not really make a u-turn)
* Wired money into and out of Panama
* Completely remodeled my kitchen – finding contractors
* Learn what NOT to do when renting a property.
* Building experience – Built an addition to my house
* I’ve set up several corporations in Panama
* Bought existing corporations to save $
* BAD! Unethical people copied my whole website & business (they even use our name in their advertising)
* Purchased health insurance in Panama after investigating options
* Discovered how to save 40% when buying health insurance
* Brought a pet with me to Panama
* Order things from Amazon to get shipped to Panama
* Set up cell phone service in Panama for less than $35 a month
* Learned how to keep my US number and receive calls with no monthly fee
* Ported my US number to a different service so I could keep the number
* Sold my house, cars, and household goods in 2 months before moving to Panama
* Had three surgeries and a few hospital emergency room visits in Panama
* Got Covid in Panama and was in the hospital for 9 days.
* Hired gardeners, a maid, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors
* Was involved in a wreck and learned how to handle insurance
* Got sued by a gardener who did not show up for a month (I won)
* Learned what NOT to do in Panama, too!
* Learned it is better NOT to buy some things at a grocery store
* And much, much more…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

You can only learn these things from many years of personal experience living in Panama.  LIFE is the best teacher!  You cannot learn these things in a “tourism school.”

We’re known throughout Panama as the Panama Relocation Experts!

We have recruited additional tour guides who share their personal experiences living in Panama, too! You will always have at least two expat tour guides on your all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour.


I’ve traveled all over Panama and explored every nook and cranny while also visiting Panamanians and ex-pats who live in each area who can give me the “inside” scoop, which I share with you.

Because there is no reliable MLS system in Panama, it is necessary for me to gather my own information about rental and real estate prices. I discovered things a real estate agent or property manager would never tell you. We will not give you the sugar-coated version of Panama. Some things that some real estate agents in Panama do are illegal in other countries, like net listings. I’ve learned who the agents and real estate companies are who do net listings and who do not. Of course, we only recommend agents/companies who do not do this unethical practice.

There is no hidden agenda because we do not sell real estate or investments during the tour. We only show 1-2 rentals each day during the tour. There are no sales pitches.

We do not get kickbacks or commissions from any experts we introduce you to! But I negotiated discounts for you to get the best price for getting a visa, health insurance, car buying, rental, and any other service you need in Panama.

I’ve been a real estate investor for 30 years, so I thoroughly understand investing in real estate, even in Panama. We will teach you the ins and outs of buying real estate in Panama without the hype.  You’ll even learn how to find “way below market” properties without using a real estate agent (this trick could save you $50,000) and how to buy with seller financing and no interest to avoid bank financing.

I started my first online business in 1994 and still own and run online businesses from Panama. We will teach you how to start an online business you can run from Panama or anywhere in the world.

I moved to Panama with my husband, but he passed away a few years ago, so now I live in Panama by myself.  So, I have experience living in Panama as a couple and a single person.

We’re Not Copycats!

Panama Relocation Tours is the ORIGINAL relocation tour company in Panama. Don’t settle for less than the best! We don’t steal ideas, content, or information like some tour companies do. BEWARE of the people who advertise using “our” name, Panama Relocation Tours to try to trick you into signing up with them.

With all this experience, 15+ years (as of 2024) of exclusively doing relocation tours, and hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, PLUS a Panamanian on every tour, AND two expat tour guides, you can see why Panama Relocation Tours is the BEST.

It works! The information you get on a Panama Relocation Tour works! We’ve helped thousands of people make a hassle-free move to Panama. Here’s one example from Cindy:

In the past 5 months and 4 days….we have moved to Panama with 3 senior dogs, found a great long term rental, shipped 26 boxes of personal goods from the US, purchased a car, secured great automobile and Health insurance, opened our bank account, obtained our Pensionado Visa, E-Cedula, Permanent Drivers license and began exploring Panama…..Thanks to all of the Great information on the PRTour and the PRT Guide…..Folks if you use the info in the guide…it is easy peasy……and SO worth the effort! Thank you Jackie Lange and all of the PRT Staff—-we are grateful beyond measure!

These are all the reasons why our Panama Relocation Tours are the BEST!

A Comfortable Experience!

Panama Relocation Tours uses a HUGE, comfortable bus with plenty of legroom. The bus has large reclining seats and panoramic windows to enjoy Panama’s beautiful scenery. The bus has a super comfortable ride. It’s so big you can stand up on the bus and walk around to stretch your legs. There is a refrigerator on the bus that is full of snacks. We use a professional driver so the tour guides can focus on teaching you everything you need to know to relocate to Panama. The tour guides use a wireless microphone, and speakers are at each seat, so you can hear everything they say.

The tour group is small enough so everyone gets personal attention. We provide optional name tags to help tour guests learn each other’s names.

You will start the tour with strangers but quickly become close friends with your tour mates.

Panama Relocation Tours is the BEST and Has the MOST Experience!

If you’re considering relocating to Panama, you need reliable and accurate information from a team with many years of experience living and working in Panama AND helping thousands of others relocate to Panama.

We have the experience you can trust.. and need!

Join us for a 6-full day, 7-night ALL-INCLUSIVE Panama Relocation Tour to get access to our many years of experience living and working in Panama PLUS the “inside scoop” from a Panamanian! 

Learn how to relocate to Panama in the most affordable, easy, and stress-free way!   Everyone who comes on a Panama Relocation Tour after 2021, will also get access to the Online Panama Relocation Guide and our private support group.

An Amazing Adventure
Is Waiting For You!
Leave All Your Worries Behind…
Let Us Take Care Of Everything For You!

Here’s what a few Panama Relocation Tour clients have to say:

Bryan wrote on TripAdvisor:

Seeing is believing!
Feb 2024 • Couples
This tour packed a ton of information and a huge sampling of expat living options into a single week. It also featured two of the best tour guides we’ve ever met, who helped answer a range of questions from our diverse group while keeping each part of the trip interesting and fun! We cannot wait to keep exploring Panama after this tour!

Paula wrote this about her January 2024 Panama Relocation Tour:

I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is considering moving to Panama or living here for any extended period of time. My husband and I are looking at moving to Panama at least for the winter. The tour guides John and Jerry were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. We visited a variety of locations, from the high end high rises of Panama City, shopping,dining. To the sandy beaches in Coronado & Playa Blanca. Also variety of scenery in Boquete and Volcán. We made great friends, fun food and restaurants. I feel so much better prepared and confident in our plan to move to this beautiful and welcoming country. Many thanks to sharing your experience and making the long travel a fun and enjoyable experience!! Hope you’re lucky enough to have them as your guides, they went above and beyond to make sure everyone was taken care of, and thank you for making my birthday do special!! 😊😊 looking forward to moving here!

SilverTraveler write on TripAdvisor:

This Is The Premiere Relocation Guided Tour For Panama

Mar 2023 • Couples
This tour does live up to all of the hype that you hear about in the YouTube videos. The trip was flawless from the reservations, flights, bus travel, hotels, meals, and presentations by expats/professionals/tour guides. We flew in to Panama City and was picked up by a driver and taken to our hotel. We met our group (25 people, couples & singles) and spent the next six days together. The tour had presentations by a lawyer, medical insurance broker, doctor, hospital staff, real estate professionals, property managers, expats, etc… We went to the John Hopkins Hospital in Panama City for a personal tour and was shown numerous short & long term rental examples in many different towns & regions. However, we were never encouraged or coerced into buying anything or making any decisions. Information is presented to you for your use in making the best decision for you and your family. Some people are here on fact finding missions while others know that they want to move here and are trying to narrow down their options. I could go on and on about this tour, but encourage you to do your own research and see if it may be right for you. Visit their website, and explore the dozens of videos that they have on YouTube.

Cadet wrote:

The Best Relocation Tour, No Stone Left Unturned!

“I highly recommend the PRT tour! If I could give it a 10++ I would. I am a single African/American woman looking for a safe and secure venue to retire. I’ve watched many of Jackie’s videos on You Tube and also tuned into her weekly conference calls. I thought I wanted a certain area of Panama to retire, but after the tour I realized it was Boquete I fell in love with!!! Jackie was absolutely correct when she said, VISIT PANAMA FIRST BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISIONS!! In addition, I absolutely loved the hotels we slept in, the restaurants we ate in and all the different popular areas we visited including the ex pats we met and the different housing and rentals that we saw. Our bus driver Jorge was great!!! We stopped frequently for bathroom breaks, the ride was smooth and very comfortable. Lastly, a great shout-out to our tour guides Joylnn and Jay!! They were patient, answered all our questions and shared their own experiences as well!! We new exactly the itinerary at every step of the way. I started the trip alone, but was able to link up with others who also came solo. We stayed together during the trip and exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch about our journey back to Panama. Thank you Jackie for such a great experience with the Panama Relocation Tours!!!”

Mike and Bertie from the May 2019 Tour wrote:

My wife and I recently went on the May 2019 tour and all I can say is that everything that everyone else keeps saying about the tour is true. Jackie and her team are all first rate and take care of everything. Jackie’s knowledge and connections have really given my wife and I all of the details we needed to make an informed decision about moving to Panama. Speaking with all of the expats during the tour also gave us the realism of what they truly loved and what they did not about their own experiences in Panama. I really feel that this tour should be MANDATORY for anyone even remotely thinking about moving to Panama. The only negative aspect of the tour was all the eating, I think I gained 5 pounds (my own fault of course). We really only good things to say about Jackie, her team (Melisa, Antonio, and Jorge) and the entire experience. It was AWESOME, a 5 out of 5 experience.

Mike and Bertie

James Kent wrote:

In February of 2017 I took a tour of Panama. I wanted to learn about moving to Panama. It was an ok tour but never left Panama City or answer important questions and concerns of moving to Panama. I left with little knowledge.

Then I took Jackie’s tour in May of this year. I cannot encourage you enough to sign up for this tour if you want move to Panama. Jackies team does it all! Hotel, food, bus travel and personal attention. I decided to settle in Boquete after seeing various towns and met expats who live throughout Panama. Jackie brings in experts on visa, banking, rentals and expats to speak about living there. Jackie knows Panama and all the quirks! My only complaint is not taking this tour in 2017!

Diederik Japin who was on the May Panama Relocation Tour wrote:

It was a fantastic Tour, providing lots of information, not only from Jackie whose energy and knowledge are seemingly endless but also from our fellow Tour participants whose input provided lots of food for thought as to how to approach the move to Panama. Jackie also makes the tour an inspirational and motivational event and you can not but help to come away from it wanting to get started, not only on the moving process but also with opportunities and ideas you had never even considered. And Melissa, whilst we did not meet, your organisational talents from before the tour started until the last day in Panama can only be described as professional, faultless and stress free. We never worried about anything. Jorge, our driver for most of the trip was always on time, in control in the background safely taking us to the many different locations we visited. Antonio, who picked us up from the airport and took us on a City tour…everything just went perfectly according to plan. And Panama, the country? We love it here….and hope to settle here eventually. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

Richard and Carol Toops shared their experience on a Panama Relocation Tour

Carol Toops and I were members of the February 2019 Panama Relocation Tour and what impressed us initially was the attention to detail and professionalism that the tour was planned with. We have spent considerable time in research and study about relocating as ex-pats and the more we researched the clearer it became that Panama was the obvious choice, and as we had questions both Jackie and Melissa were quick to respond and help.

When we received the first set of instructions and directions I had a sense of relief as almost every question we had was answered in those materials and the ones that weren’t were answered by Jackie in emails. Our planning was actually at a minimum as we began preparing for the trip.

There has been several testimonials regarding the actual tour and how informative and detailed Jackie’s delivery is. The time we spent traveling from location to location was valuable as Jackie shared her vast experience in what and what not to do along with recommendations on how to make the transition seamless. There were visits with others who have been living in Panama for some time explaining in detail the differences and how to organize and plan for the move. We had several dinners with speakers who shared their actual experiences from bringing pets to learning about medical care and would answer any specific question that was asked. Also the food and restaurants created a festive mood and made it really fun.

The comfort and convenience of the transportation was another point that stood out. The tour bus is first class and our driver, Jorge was a sight to behold. Always aware of the conditions that a big vehicle creates he took us places that we probably wouldn’t have been able to visit otherwise. A real pro…

So we experienced a fact finding trip that more than helped us with discovery of the details and confidence of making this move successfully, and met people who have shared that same knowledge. Since we have returned, we have had other questions that we have been able to get answered as Jackie includes everyone who takes the tour in the Facebook group which is another great resource. This isn’t a vacation but a very pleasant working trip designed to make the decision making very easy. Highly recommended.

Julie Wolf shared her experience with the March 2019 Tour:

Jackie’s wealth of knowledge about Panama and moving there is priceless to anyone thinking about an international move. Her tour is flawlessly executed and peppered with info from local expats, great food, a luxurious bus to travel in and lots of FUN! I can’t thank her enough for changing my life. Jackie is a consummate professional with the patience of Job and a charismatic/endearing personality. This is a first class, blue ribbon experience! Julie Wolf March 2019 tour


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If you have any questions, please email us. Come see how you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama.  You will know that you are in good hands with Panama Relocation Tours!

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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    Reading this article at 4:50 AM on the morning of March 27,2023, was like all anyone ever needs to know about the guidance from Panama relocation tours. This is a superb article. Well written with love, knowledge, experience, and so much more, too numerous to describe. Thank you Jackie, all’s well ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹.

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      Ann, Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. You can see why Panama Relocation Tours is the #1 relocation tour company in Panama.

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