How Panama Relocation Tours Saved Me $45,000

During a Panama Relocation Tours, you’ll learn a lot of ways to save money when you relocate to Panama.

♦  You’ll meet an affordable and reliable immigration attorney to help with your residency Visa.

♦  You’ll learn the most affordable way to get your pets and household goods in to the country.

♦  You will learn the one thing you should NEVER do when buying health insurance- this alone could save you $2,000 per person per year (which will pay for your tour).

♦  You will learn some negotiation techniques for getting a better price when you rent or buy or rent.

♦  Plus, when you get a Pensionado Visa, you get discounts on everything from restaurants, prescriptions, airfare, utility bills and so much more. These discounts apply to
Friendly Nations Visa holders too once they meet the age requirements of 55 for women and 60 for men.

A little savings here and a little savings there adds to so many ways you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama.

There are other ways that Panama Relocation Tours can help you save money when you move to Panama.  I’ve been a real estate investor for 27 years.  Now, I invest in Panama real estate too.  Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of ways to get a better price when I buy real estate.  This knowledge has come in handy for Panama Relocation Tour clients too!

A few months after John and Peggy came on a Panama Relocation Tour, they moved to Panama.  Initially they rented a house in Panama but they knew they were ready to put down roots so they started looking for the perfect house to buy.  They found a house a lot faster then they thought.  It’s a spacious fully furnished home with a wrap around porch. It’s on several acres with many fruit trees.  The asking price was $165,000.  They asked me if I thought it was a good price.  You can almost always get a better price so I taught them exactly what to say to get the price down to $120,000.  I also recommended a great attorney to help with the contract and closing. They closed a month later and moved in.  I don’t think John and Peggy have stopped smiling since!

So, my real estate investing experience helped John and Peggy SAVE $45,000 when they purchased a home in Panama!  It’s a good thing they came on a Panama Relocation Tour!

Join us for a Panama Relocation Tour to meet John and Peggy and see their beautiful home and property.  When you get ready to buy a house in Panama,  I’ll help you save money too!

Another tour client, Dennis and Lenore, found their dream home just a few steps away from the beach.  It was a bit more than they planned to spend so they thought they had two choices:  (1) Cash in their 401k (which would require big taxes) or (2) get a mortgage in Panama which could take months.  Most mortgages in Panama have to be paid off by the time you turn 70 so a mortgage was not a good option for them either.

As a real estate investor, I’ve purchased many houses with seller financing with 0% interest.   So, I suggest that Dennis and Lenore make an offer to the seller to put some money down then pay him monthly payments. I advised them not to mention interest.  The seller accepted their offer. They saved a fortune in taxes by not cashing out their 401k and saved a lot of time and money by not getting bank financing.  With zero interest seller financing, every payment they make to the seller goes directly to reducing the principal amount they own because they are not paying interest.

This was all possible because Dennis came on a Panama Relocation Tours.

A Panama Relocation Tour does not end on the last day of a tour.  I’m readily available to help all my tour clients when they relocate to Panama.  When I find a great rental, seller financing or house sitting opportunities, my tour clients get all the details immediately.  And when necessary, I’ll coach them on exactly what to say to get a better price or seller financing when they purchase a home in Panama.  If you’d like to have access to this kind of assistance in Panama, join me for a Panama Relocation Tour.

Learn how to MAKE an extra $45,000 (or more) in Panama too!

There’s a lot more to a Panama Relocation Tour than just showing you around Panama and teaching you the things you need to know to make a smooth relocation.

I’ve also been an entrepreneur and online marketing expert for 27 years!  During a Panama Relocation Tour, you’ll learn how to make money in Panama too. I’ve helped many tour clients set up an online marketing business that they can run from anywhere.

♦  You’ll learn about self-publishing books that you can sell on Amazon.  You do the work once but the money keeps rolling in!

♦  You’ll learn creative ways to make money with real estate which do not require very much cash investment yet produce big profits!

♦  You’ll learn how to source products that you can sell on Amazon for big profits and without handling any of the fulfillment yourself.

♦  You’ll learn a variety of different ways you can make money while living in Panama which do not require getting a work permit.

And, if you are a US citizen, you’ll learn how you can make up to $105,300 per person TAX FREE when you live in Panama.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Richard Ruiz says

    Thank you Jackie for this information. Your willingness to offer us so much is making our decision to move to Panama so much easier. We so appreciate everything that you provided to us before, during, and after our tour in March 2018

  2. Cyndia Sweet says

    Does Panama allow title to be held as a life estate?

    • Jackie Lange says

      NO, Panama does not follow US law. You could take title in a Panama Foundation then have the beneficiary the life estate. But, a Foundation is like a Trust and within the documents, you will spell our your estate plan.

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